Run 12/10/2008

Today was an optional run day and I felt good, but wanted to go to Spinning so I decided to do 3 miles. That ended up being 3.5 miles because I was a half a mile from my house when I hit 3 miles, but couldn't just cool down with a walk because it was too cold! I went to my 2nd Spinning class ever today. The first time was not a fluke - I really like it! Also, when I walked in … [Read more...]

Eat 12/10/2008

Sorry that I am so late posting! Yesterday was crazy. I worked until about 5:45pm, then I went to Linens N' Things to check out the huge sale and stayed there for over 2 hours just browsing around and buying stuff for the house. I only ended up getting 1 Christmas present! Boo. I also had to run into TJ's for a couple of things, luckily they are both in the same parking lot. … [Read more...]