Run 12/11/2008

Today's run: 7.5 miles. I felt very good and was faster than my usual pace too! I love that. I kept looking at my Garmin surprised that I was keeping up my pace :) It's Thursday! Hope everyone is having a good one :) … [Read more...]

Eat 12/10/2008

I didn't have any ripe naners so I couldn't make oatmeal. Boo. I don't what it is, but I have to have a banana in my oatmeal or it's just not good. But, I didn't want cold cereal so I made french toast with 1/2 egg whites and 2 pieces of bread. I cooked up the rest of the egg whites on the side. All we had is fake syrup :( For some reason this meal was not filling at all. I was … [Read more...]