Another VitaTop Deal…

In addition to the earlier VitaTop Deal I listed here - I found out about this deal today as well: For a limited time only, get 12 Free Deep Chocolate VitaTops when you order a 24 Pack of Banana Nut VitaTops. That's a $14.45 value!! Enter coupon code: EFCY223Z8. Offer expires 12/23/08. Again, I have not tried the Banana Nut flavor yet, so I can't recommend them based on my … [Read more...]

Run 12/17/2008

No run, I decided to do a spinning class today and give my foot another day off. Mother Nature was in agreement with this decision as it's pouring again here! It never rains this much. Is this an El Nino year or something? I am hoping to take a walk later as spinning does not get all my energy and restless leg syndrome out! … [Read more...]

Eat 12/16/2008

Tuesday morning started with oats, the usual. Why do I even bother to take a pic of these? Oooh, on a happy note I remembered I have wheat berries to add - I love the chewiness that they add to oatmeal!I packed my lunch - turkey and cheese with an apple :) This is what I used to eat almost everyday in high school.Why are there chocolates everywhere right now?!I had to complete … [Read more...]

Hungry Girl Bananas VitaPack

Hungry Girl and VitaTop get together a couple of times a year and offer a deal on a special package of VitaTops. Often this deal includes free shipping. I think free shipping is the biggest selling point since shipping costs around $14.00 from them! I think that is outrageous and only buy VitaTops when I can get free shipping. In the past you could take advantage of the free … [Read more...]