Natalie Dee "gets" me

How, despite the fact that I have a super obsessive blog where I talk about everything I eat, am I still gaining weight? Natalie Dee does not have the answers, but she does make me laugh... … [Read more...]

Eat I 12/19/2008

Happy Friday everyone! I have some time this morning, so I thought I would post breakie. I want to get myself on a better posting schedule. Right now I feel like I post things so after the fact that it's pointless, you know? I am going to start posting my daily at the end of the night. This will mean my East Coast readers will actually have something to read the next day since … [Read more...]

No Run 12/19/2008

Today is a rest day - I am planning on going to yoga on my lunch with my new mat!!! Woo-woo. I used to just use the mats the studio has there, but I don't really like to. If I have to smell anyone's feet during yoga it should be my own.I have been dying to go to yoga for a month now and just haven't had the time. Let's hope I can make it and nothing comes up in the last … [Read more...]

Eat 12/18/2008

I am blogging on the BF's computer today and for some reason it is being weird with me, so I apologize if this post looks jacked up. I started my day with my fave oatmeal. Lunch was PB&J on flax bread - this bread is super healthy in terms of nutritional info, but it is also super dry. I don't really like it. I like chewy, nutty bread and this is not it :( Luckily I am … [Read more...]