Run 12/20/2008

Before my run this morning I wasn't really hungry, but thought I should at least eat some toast with PB. I usually don't eat before a short run so my body isn't that used to it. My run today was supposed to be 19 miles. It was super cold which is good running weather, especially for a long run! I was actually sore from yoga yesterday. I need to go more often so I get different … [Read more...]

Eat Part I 12/20/2008

Surprisingly, after running for over 3 hours I was not hungry at all. My stomach even felt a little upset, but I didn't eat anything during my run and only had a piece of toast before so I knew I had to eat something. I don't have any fruit at home so I stopped at TJ's for some blackberries, pineapple and a box of Shredded Oats. I had a drive home and was going to take a shower … [Read more...]

Eat 12/19/2008

I was working from home and got hungry around 10:30am, I figured a snack wouldn't be bad because I was going to yoga at noon and would have a  late lunch. So, I had some almonds because they were right in front of me.Then I got some pretzels with nutella...and 2 crackers with a piece of provolone and salami. This is out of character for me, but for some reason it sounded very … [Read more...]