Run 12/22/2008

It was sprinkling this morning, but just barely so I decided to go for it and run. Well, of course it started to rain harder while I was out, but I was already wet so I did 5 miles and went home. I am not used to this much rain. What is the deal? According to it's going to run Christmas Eve and Christmas too. Boo to that. As long as it doesn't rain the 26th I am … [Read more...]

No run 12/21/2008

Since it was a rest day I started the morning with a 40 minute walk with the dogs. I ended up taking another walk in the afternoon when I got home from errands. I love walks :) I just wish there was a yoga studio near my home - I would be all over that if there was! … [Read more...]

Eat 12/21/2008

I have been craving pancakes for a couple of weeks and finally had the time to make them Sunday  morning. I made them with oat bran, a little ww flour, egg whites and almond milk. Maple syrup and a naner on the side. I was out running errands until 4pm! I ate an apple on the road and some grapes (no pic). It's weird, but I wasn't really that hungry. I just ate the fruit because … [Read more...]