Run 12/23/2008

Christmas countdown - Only 2 days to go! Are you ready? I have a lot of wrapping to do! I used to love wrapping presents, my mom and grandma used to pay me to wrap their gifts. Now I think of it as a chore. Run - 7.5 miles. I was cold again, but I had a good run :) I have some errands to run after work, but I will be back later :) … [Read more...]

Eat 12/22/2008

Happy Christmas Week! I started Monday off right with my fave oats and Almond Butter - see, I'm changing it up a little!Then, I got to work to find this on my desk - a container full of goodies. I ate way too many cookies and candies today. It all started with some PB balls...That led to a haystack ( I don't even like butterscotch in this form!)...That resulted in 2 little choc … [Read more...]