Christmas Eve Plan

My family gets together on Christmas Eve to just hang out and drink. We open presents on Christmas morning.

Tonights festivities include tamales and alcohol :) My mom doesn’t make tamales from scratch. It is a ton of work! My dad’s side of the fam makes them and I’ve made them in the past. So, we always order them from a local panaderia. They are amazing! This is really the only time of the year that we have them. We eat them for breakfast, lunch or dinner. We don’t discriminate. My mom sometimes puts an over easy egg on top of them – that’s the best.

What do you guys eat on Christmas Eve? Any traditions?

The Plan for today:

– Work (boo)

– Store for ingredients for stuff I’m making

– Wrap presents

– Walk dogs

– something else I’m forgetting I’m sure

– Church

– Go to my cousins and drink :)

Merry Christmad everyone! I wish  the best holiday for you and your family.

Thanks for stopping by on this holiday eve :)

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