It was a long day…

I left the day after Christmas to visit the BF and his family in Florida. I flew out of the Orange County airport with a layover in Houston before ending up in Tampa. Okay, this is a long story I am going to try and make short- The flight out of Orange County was about 20 minutes delayed and then we had to stay in some flight holding pattern above the Houston airport for … [Read more...]

Christmas – Mexican Style

I am MIA since Christmas Eve! It's the 29th - that is 5 days of no blogging! I am sorry. Seriously, I feel really bad :( I hope everyone had a great Christmas! Here is a quick highlights recap of my indulgent Christmas eats. I am only showing the "holiday" stuff in an effort to not waste your time...   Holly Nog vs. Egg Nog - The Holly Nog is on the left, it's darker and is … [Read more...]