Run 12/30/2008

Florida morning - Today was perfectly overcast and cool - great running weather! It was even lightly misting when I first left for my run - I love that! I ended up running 7 miles. I felt so good I could have done more, but I am still coming off being sick, so I didn't want to push it. I hope there will be another overcast morning this week so I can get more good runs in while … [Read more...]

Run 12/29/2008

I took off Saturday and Sunday from running. I actually was feeling kinda sick when I got into FL on Friday night/Saturday morning. I felt worse on Sunday and decided another rest day would probably be best. Finally on Monday morning I woke up feeling better and did about 6 miles :) It feels so good to run after you've taken some time off. It's always harder for me to run in … [Read more...]