Big Fat Wedding Dress

After trying on a lot of different dresses at many different stores I cannot find my dream dress. So, I am going to have my dress made. I am basically, putting my hopes and dreams in the hands of a random dressmaker. I am in southern California and there are a lot of wedding/quinceanera/prom dress shops nearby my house. I went into about 6 of them and asked questions and got a … [Read more...]

My Big Fat Speedy Wedding

So, I think I mentioned that we found a location for the wedding. Did I neglect to mention that we set a date? I am getting married in 5 months folks - June 20, 2009. Yes, that's a 2009. When I went dress shopping recently there was another girl looking for a dress for her June 2010 wedding. I am a year behind! I am extremely stressed out right now and I have about 283 things … [Read more...]

Lesson #6 – Hunger!!!

Training for a marathon makes you hungry. This is frustrating. You would think that running so much would mean the pounds are just melting off. Nope, you are burning a lot of calories with all those runs, but that means your body wants more fuel. Spending hours on your feet is very taxing on your body, proper recovery through good food is important. I was not that hungry the … [Read more...]

Lesson #7 – Be Careful Not to Over Train

Even though you are racking up the mileage in marathon training you have to be careful not to over train. Over-training and overuse injuries are the  most common reasons people get hurt and are unable to finish training. To avoid injuring yourself by over training stick to the 10% rule: Don't increase your mileage by more than 10% each week. Cool Running says: "Do not … [Read more...]

Jamba Juice Oatmeal Review

Here is my quick review of Jamba Juice's Oatmeal. We were in Paso Robles and I was freezing outside, but it was too loud to do it inside (with the whirling blenders and all). So, I may be shivering a little :) Also, I say the topping is cinnamon/sugar - that is not true. It is a brown sugar crumble. I said cinnamon since I always put cinnamon (and brown sugar) on my … [Read more...]

Lesson # 8 – Chafing, yep you heard me.

This is the reality of training for a marathon - CHAFING. It sucks people, but I am not here to lie to you. There will be chafing. Before training for a full mary I had ran 13 miles many times. I had experienced some irritation, but nothing really bothersome (I don't think it's necessary to get into the details, you're welcome). For some reason when I ran 15 miles for the … [Read more...]

Run 1/26/2009

Wedding planning aside, let's not forget - I have a marathon to run this weekend! Crazy. This week is a taper week, I am really appreciating that since I am so swamped with everything else! The taper week schedule: Monday - 5 miles Tuesday - 4 miles Wednesday - 5 miles Thursday - Rest/Yoga Friday - 3 miles Saturday - Rest Sunday - 26.2 … [Read more...]

Wedding Location

After 2 weeks of intense research we found a location for the wedding!!! We are getting married in Paso Robles. You guys know how much I love that place :) I am very happy. It's a special place to me and the fiance since he took me to Paso on one of our first road-trips. We have had a lot of good times driving around exploring California and we knew we definitely wanted a … [Read more...]

Marathon Lesson #9

#9 - You will figure out your best carbo loading dinners (through trial and error) Since I had ran a few half marathons before training for the full I had an idea of what foods worked for me, but I did have a few bad pre-run meals that I regretted ;( that  night of a huge bowl of  ice cream or that time that I just mindlessly ate a bunch of random crap. Yeah, don't do … [Read more...]

10 Day Marathon Countdown

I only have 10 days until my First Full Mary (!) and I thought I would share my thoughts and experiences as a countdown. Lesson 10 - You will make plans around your runs I have turned down dinners out, movies and parties because I had to get up early the next day to run. I have planned road trips around my long runs. When that is not possible I rearrange my running schedule … [Read more...]

Run 1/22/2009

6 Miles - Today I got out early and saw a big ol' raccoon on my run :) That is not a common site around here. I was kinda scared of him(her?) because he was so BIG! Luckily, he was more scared of me and scurried into a sewer drain when he saw me coming. When the BF and I went to Costa Rica we were almost ambushed by a huge family of raccoons. We were eating on the beach and … [Read more...]

Food Find- Greek Yogurt at Costco

I was very happy to find 0% Fage at Costco yesterday. This huge container was only $6.99. Not too shabby huh? I know different areas have different selections, so this may or may not be available near you, but I know greek yogurt is often hard to find and more expensive than other yogurts so I thought I'd pass along this find. Now all I need is a bucket of granola and I'm set … [Read more...]

Water water everywhere…

I drink a lot of water. No, really a lot. The fiance always jokes that waiters/waitresses must think I have a problem because they have to fill up my water glass so many times during one meal :) Anyways, I haven't jumped on the reusable water bottle band wagon because I always have a 1.5L bottle with me, anything smaller is just a waste of my time. I did re-use those bottles … [Read more...]

Run 1/21/2009

I did 3.5 miles today to take it a little easy :) I also did a 45 minute walk after work, this gives me great time to think - there's a lot going on right now! I am hoping to make it to yoga on Friday because I feel super anxious and tight. I have 1yogadownload on my computer so maybe I will do that tomorrow. … [Read more...]