New and Improved for 2009

Hey everyone, I am working on improving Run, Eat, Repeat and would appreciate any suggestions or critisms you have. One of my major improvements is going to be consistant posting/more timely posts. I am also going to expand and add some new features :) Anything else you want to see or read about let me know. … [Read more...]

Run 1/2/2009

Happy New Year again! It's weird to type 2009, I know I am going to mess up a bunch of times before I get used to it! Today I ran 6.5miles and walked about another full mile to cool down. Once I was done we went to help the BF's sister move some stuff and I didn't eat until over 2 hours after I ran (and I didn't eat anything before). I have noticed that it is very important … [Read more...]

Eat 12/31/2008

As I was posting this pics I realized I eat a lot of junk that I don't take pictures of since I know I ate random pieces of cookies and sweet bread throughout the day! It's so hard to get on track when I feel like I am on vacation. I mean, I am on vacation, but I am staying at the BF's fam's house so I do have healthy choices available or I could just NOT eat the treats that … [Read more...]

2009 Goals

I love fresh starts and the opportunity to make new goals for myself. I am excited to make specific goals for myself for 2009. I actually got so excited I made 11 goals for this year. Here they are: 1. Run a marathon (and 2 half marathons) 2. Spend some "date time" with Matt every week 3. Get a new job that I love by March  and apply to grad school 4. Be Nice 5. Go to … [Read more...]