Eat II 1/3/2009

We had a lunch celebration at a local Mexican restaurant for Jenny ( BF's sis). Of course, being a Mexican restaurant I ate too many chips w/ salsa while waiting for my food! I tried the BF"s black bean soup, he gave it a thumb's up.For my main I ordered a bean burrito, it basically just had beans and rice inside even though I ordered lettuce and tomato inside too :(. It was … [Read more...]

Run 1/3/2009

Today's run was 7 miles. It was hot here at 9am! I am still on California time, so my runs have started later than usual but not really. I walked a 1 1/2 miles to cool down after too. I think I think better while walking rather than running for some reason.  A long walk really clears my head :) … [Read more...]

Eat I 1/3/2009

Day 3 of 2009 - I was craving fruit crazy style so I stopped at the store on the way home from my run and picked up watermelon and grapes. Oh, I also got Arnold's Sandwich Thins! Finally! They don't have them at any of my usual stores in Cali. I was so excited, I am weird. Breakfast was watermelon, 1/4 a Dunkin Doughnuts doughnut and cereal. Then plan for today is lunch at a … [Read more...]

Eat 1/2/2009

After today's good run as we were moving stuff for the BF's sister I stole a orange from their tree and ate it (no pic). 3 hours after my run I finally ate breakfast - oatmeal (the usual combo) and a smoothie made with mango juice, mango yogurt and ice :) I love smoothies!The BF and I went on a little "tourist" adventure today in Florida. On the way there I ate an apple and … [Read more...]