Eat 1/2/2009

After today’s good run as we were moving stuff for the BF’s sister I stole a orange from their tree and ate it (no pic). 3 hours after my run I finally ate breakfast – oatmeal (the usual combo) and a smoothie made with mango juice, mango yogurt and ice :) I love smoothies!foodies-1275The BF and I went on a little “tourist” adventure today in Florida. On the way there I ate an apple and some cherries.foodies-1276We visited the Mote Marine Aquariumin Sarasota. Here is something you don’t know about me : I love manatees! I lalalove them so much, I don’t even know why, but I have liked them since I was a little kid and tried to raise money for them by selling homemade book marks. Ha. Every time I come to FL I try and hope and wish to see a manatee in the wild. It hasn’t happened yet, so the BF took me to see one two at the aquarium. Here is a manatee during feeding time with his friend the sea turtle.foodies-1281See how I measure up to the manatee…foodies-1289On the way back home I was hungry. Since I had such a late breakfast we kinda skipped lunch. We stopped and grabbed a snack, not the healthiest option, but not the worst either right? That is Diet Dr. Pepper in the big cup. I can’t help myself, I am going to die from some aspartame related disease I know.foodies-1291Fancy dinner! The BF’s fam got lobster for dinner! Wow, huh. I had never really had to rip apart a whole lobster before and had a hard time. Actually I didn’t like the experience at all, it kinda grossed me out. Those suckers are lucky (or maybe unlucky?) that they taste good or I would have given it all away. Next time I am just sticking to lobster tail, I don’t want to deal with the rest of it.foodies-1290foodies-1292

I just had dessert – a few cookies and milk. No pic :( Yes, the cookies and milk were unnecessary and I might have neglected to take a picture on purpose, but at least I am coming clean! Tomorrow is a new day and a fresh start for my 2009 goals!


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    thanks for the sports bra help. i have to get some new ones or im going to give myself a black eye!
    i’ve tried lobster once and didnt like it, really rich. me personally, i’d take a really rich piece of chocolate cake anyday…

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