Eat I 1/3/2009

Day 3 of 2009 – I was craving fruit crazy style so I stopped at the store on the way home from my run and picked up watermelon and grapes. Oh, I also got Arnold’s Sandwich Thins! Finally! They don’t have them at any of my usual stores in Cali. I was so excited, I am weird.

Breakfast was watermelon, 1/4 a Dunkin Doughnuts doughnut and cereal. Then plan for today is lunch at a local restaurant for the BF’s sister’s b-day, a long walk and hanging out with the BF’s fam. It’s a beautiful day, have a good one!foodies-1293


  1. says

    watermelon! how refreshing! it is such a summer fruit that i completely forget about it during the winter months.

    oh and i get completely excited about food finds too- so we’re weird together i suppose!

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