Eat II 1/3/2009

We had a lunch celebration at a local Mexican restaurant for Jenny ( BF’s sis). Of course, being a Mexican restaurant I ate too many chips w/ salsa while waiting for my food! I tried the BF”s black bean soup, he gave it a thumb’s up.foodies-1297For my main I ordered a bean burrito, it basically just had beans and rice inside even though I ordered lettuce and tomato inside too :(. It was HUGE, the pic doesn’t do it justice.foodies-1298The waitress brought Jenny a big plate of fried tortilla strips covered in cinnamon, sugar, dulce de leche and  whipped cream. We also brought an ice cream cake for her. I passed on the ice cream cake since I was already so stuffed and ate a lot of the crispy and sugary tortilla chips. Happy Birthday Jenny!foodies-1296


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