Run 1/6/2009

As I mentioned previously my Florida trip got my Marathon Training off track. I have missed my key long run - the 20 miler! 20 miles is the longest distance I will be running before the full Mary. I reviewed a lot of training programs and most beginner marathon training plans require just 1 or 2 long runs of 18 to 20 miles. I decided on 2 - 20 milers. Since I missed my first 20 … [Read more...]

Run 1/5/2009

I have no idea how much I ran today because I don't have a course mapped out and I didn't have my Garmin this morning. So, I ran aimlessly for about an hour or a little less and went home. I don't know if I mentioned it, but with the whole airport debacle yesterday our bags didn't get on the same flight as us, so we left the airport empty handed with the hope that we would get … [Read more...]

New Header

Have you noticed my new and improved header? It was made courtesy of Mara at I Made Dinner. When I saw it I literally jumped up and down with excitement because it is exactly the idea I was going for - she really read my mind!  I like jumping up and down when I get excited, it makes me feel like a kid. Isn't it really the simple things in life that are the best? … [Read more...]

Eat 1/5/2009

For whatever reason my pics do not want to show up right now, which isn't a complete tragedy and I somehow neglected to take pics of all the chocolate I devoured today while working from home - coincidence? I think not. Busted Monica! Well, I will work with what I have - I started the day with my fave oat combo with the added bonus of some Kashi Honey Sunshine cereal :) that … [Read more...]