Run 1/7/2009

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to run today or use it as a crosstraining day, but since I wasn’t sure if I could make it to yoga I ran 3.5 miles.

I plan on walking the perros later and searching for a nearby yoga class. I am pretty new to yoga and have attended a few classes at a studio I love near the BF’s house. Unfortunately that is very far from where I live so I have to find a studio near me :(


  1. says

    fun! i love yoga. but beware some classes are NOT like all classes. i got used to the studio i was going to and then went to a free class at a gym i was trying out and it was a joke in comparison!!!!!

  2. runeatrepeat says

    Lacey, that’s what I’m afraid of – especially since the studio near the BF’s is amazing! I am probably going to have to shop around before I find a place I like.

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