Vegan/Vegetarian Update – Not found

So, I didn't find the article my friend was referring to, but I did find this old article : Vegetarian diet leads to weightloss I also found other articles that said that vegans seem to have a slightly higher metabolic rate than non-vegans (it doesn't say how slightly). There is a lot of information that supports this idea out there, but you have to steer clear of the … [Read more...]

Run 1/8/2008

Hola Ladies and Gents, I did 7.5 miles today - this distance seems to be my fave "longer" mid-week run. The plan for tomorrow is a rest day so I can be nice and ready for a long run on Saturday. I need to figure out some kind of crosstraining for Friday so I don't get too jumpy. My legs were slightly sore today and I have no idea why (?). I need to stretch out better and get … [Read more...]