No Run 1/9/2009

Morning Everyone :) Today is a rest day so I just took a short walk with the perros. I wanted to do more, but I had to be at work earlier than usual so I didn't have time. I am planning to take a walk with the BF after work or go to yoga. I have so much to do today and this weekend! Today  - I have a lotof work I am still catching up on after being on vacation. It all has to … [Read more...]

Eat 1/9/2009

Word up :) I was craving a smoothie for breakfast this morning. It's kind of random because it's still so cold out here. I also had a piece of toast with pumpkin butter and half a Larabar.Since I missed oatmeal for breakfast I had super deluxe oats for lunch. They had oats, PB, raisins, Fiber One, brown sugar and the kitchen sink. I also had a veggie sausage patty (to go with … [Read more...]