Eat 1/10/2009

After the HUGE jambyjuice I had some cereal with some Kashi trail mix and other goodies mixed in :) Lunch was random things like chips with hummus and bread with melted cheese.

The big plans for the evening were a comedy show and dinner with the BF. I love fancy dates like this every now and then. The comedy show requires a 2 drink minimum and I was on board with that! I had a Mango Iced Tea and a Barrel of Laughs – both were full of sugary juice and alcohol. I tried to pick the drink with the most booze :)

The wait at The Cheesecake Factory was 50 to 60 minutes and by that time it was after 9pm. I was not about to wait that long so I checked the bar where there is first come/first served seating with a full menu and scored a table in about 5 minutes!!! I have only been to Cheesecake once before and it was years ago so I was happy to check out what all the hype is about.

I mentioned liking how The Flying Gorilla sounded and the BF jumped on it and ordered it for me. I didn’t fight of course – it’s an alcohol drink with banana liqueor, ice cream and a bunch of other goodness. It was amazing! Luckily, the BF thought it was good too and drank a lot of it for me :)dscn5252We dug right into the bread and butter on the table because we were hungry and drinking.dscn5253Here I am enjoying the Flying Gorilla, like my pimple? Remember, this is after I had already been drinking for a bit…dscn5257I picked a pasta dish with broccoli, oven dried tomatoes and olives. It was good, but the BF’s curry dish with rice was amazing.dscn5258I must have ate over 2,000 calories for dinner at The Cheesecake Factory, not including dessert! I took a picture of this page in the menu – Ironic, don’t you think?cheesecake-ironyI was so full after dinner and all those drinks, but I really wanted some cheesecake so we ordered a Godiva Chocolate piece to go. When we got home I had to try a few bites 😉 It was amazing 😉 Uh, too much food today!dscn5262


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