I'm avoiding you…

So, I am kinda avoiding my blog  because I have a big announcement to make and I can't actually make it until I tell my fam/friends that read this thing. I don't want them to find out via blog. I am so bad with keeping surprises, so I feel that if I post something I'll just write my announcement. I am not doing anything amazing for mankind, so I don't want to talk it up too … [Read more...]

Run 1/12/2009

Still weird to write 2009 for me, I am living in the past people. Today I did 4 miles on my own and walk/ran 2 with the BF. He wanted to run this morning, which doesn't happen often, so I welcomed it. I don't know how much I was actually supposed to do per my marathon training plan since I am so rebellious and irresponsible for some reason right now. … [Read more...]