So, this is the big news…

The BF asked me to marry him on Sunday night!!!

 Yes, folks I managed to sucker some poor guy into thinking I am a catch. Kidding! I am really lucky. I managed to find a lumberjack/engineer with good taste in rings and a heart for loving me :) foodies-1351

So that is why I have been avoiding you the last 2 days. I am sorry. Now that the surprise is out I am back in business. I will be back tomorrow with regularly scheduled programming plus the extras and outtakes including – a crash course in wedding planning (for me).

Let the running, eating, repeating and now wedding planning commence!!!


  1. Christy says

    Congrats!! The ring is stunning. I love the blue on the sides. Wish I had thought of that! What a fabulous year this is turning out to be. :)

  2. says

    Ahhh! I am so sorry I missed the big news (I just realized you are NOT in my google reader – yikes). Anyway, congratulations. I also read that you are planning to do it in 6 months. Totally possible. My best friend got engaged in mid-March and got married at the beginning of July. Good lick and again, congratulations to both of you.


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