More Toe News & Eat I 1/16/2009

This morning my toe felt a lot better, it's not back to "normal", but it's not throbbing in pain so I'm happy. See my jacked up big toe on the right compared to my non-injured toe on the left - there is a blue hue under my nail. This ghetto camera doesn't really show how creepy blue it looks, kind of like your tongue after you eat a blue blowpop. Sick. The nail is definately … [Read more...]

My Big Toe

So, my toe continued to hurt all day, but it hasn't gotten any worse. I did put ice on it, and it helped. I haven't taken Ibuprofen because I wanted to see how bad it hurt so I could figure out how much damage I've done. It's 10pm now and I just took off my shoe - it's throbbing,  a little more blue under the nail and the toe is red overall (compared to my other toe). But - I … [Read more...]

Eat 1/15/2009

For whatever reason these pics are coming out as thumbnails right now. I am just going to deal with it. I stole half of the BF's pancake and had some oatmeal for breakfast. I didn't have a naner or milk to go with it so it wasn't good. Lunch was at a small Thai place and it was so good! I got spicy eggplant with tofu. See how the rice is shaped like a heart? I love that! It's … [Read more...]