Engagement Story

So a lot of peeps have asked about how the BF proposed. Unfortunately it's not a super dramatic love tale. I was thinking about making one up that would have you all gushing, but I decided against (mostly because I'm not in a creative mood). Ha. Here we are at a friend's wedding in October... Let me just start by saying I didn't see it coming. I knew we were both super happy … [Read more...]

Run 1/17/2009

I met a new friend on my run today. I was doing 13 miles on a bike path nearby and at mile 8 a guy ran up beside me and started asking if I was training for a race. I told him which one and it turns out he is a pacer for that same race. He  is pacing the 3:40 marathoners which is waaaaay faster than I am going so I won't run with him. But, it was nice to run with him for a bit … [Read more...]

Eat II 1/16/2009

I got hungry around 10:30am and didn't want to break into my lunch, but finally caved and grabbed an apple.I had a few errands to run on lunch and didn't get back to eat until close to 2pm. It's weird but my hungry kinda of went away since I had waited so long. I still ate of course... I had PB&pumpkin butter and I packed a baggie full of blackberries, grapes, carrots and … [Read more...]