Eat II 1/16/2009

I got hungry around 10:30am and didn’t want to break into my lunch, but finally caved and grabbed an apple.foodies 1390 Eat II 1/16/2009I had a few errands to run on lunch and didn’t get back to eat until close to 2pm. It’s weird but my hungry kinda of went away since I had waited so long. I still ate of course… I had PB&pumpkin butter and I packed a baggie full of blackberries, grapes, carrots and cherries.foodies 1392 Eat II 1/16/2009On the way to the Fiance’s (what is the web abbreviation for Fiance anyways?) I had a big baggie full of cherries.foodies 1393 Eat II 1/16/2009We took a long walk after work and just threw together some random things for dinner. I put refried beans on lettuce with baked chips and cheese for some kind of taco salad thing.foodies 13941 Eat II 1/16/2009I also threw together the leftover pasta from last night and added veggie italian sausage I found at TJ’s today. The Fiance ate most of it but I stole a lot too.foodies 1395 Eat II 1/16/2009Dessert was a chocolate bread pudding we picked up on our walk. It was super good once it was warmed up we started to eat it cold and it wasn’t tasty at all. foodies 1396 Eat II 1/16/2009


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