Run 1/22/2009

6 Miles - Today I got out early and saw a big ol' raccoon on my run :) That is not a common site around here. I was kinda scared of him(her?) because he was so BIG! Luckily, he was more scared of me and scurried into a sewer drain when he saw me coming. When the BF and I went to Costa Rica we were almost ambushed by a huge family of raccoons. We were eating on the beach and … [Read more...]

Food Find- Greek Yogurt at Costco

I was very happy to find 0% Fage at Costco yesterday. This huge container was only $6.99. Not too shabby huh? I know different areas have different selections, so this may or may not be available near you, but I know greek yogurt is often hard to find and more expensive than other yogurts so I thought I'd pass along this find. Now all I need is a bucket of granola and I'm set … [Read more...]

Water water everywhere…

I drink a lot of water. No, really a lot. The fiance always jokes that waiters/waitresses must think I have a problem because they have to fill up my water glass so many times during one meal :) Anyways, I haven't jumped on the reusable water bottle band wagon because I always have a 1.5L bottle with me, anything smaller is just a waste of my time. I did re-use those bottles … [Read more...]

Run 1/21/2009

I did 3.5 miles today to take it a little easy :) I also did a 45 minute walk after work, this gives me great time to think - there's a lot going on right now! I am hoping to make it to yoga on Friday because I feel super anxious and tight. I have 1yogadownload on my computer so maybe I will do that tomorrow. … [Read more...]