Wedding Location

After 2 weeks of intense research we found a location for the wedding!!!

We are getting married in Paso Robles. You guys know how much I love that place :) I am very happy. It’s a special place to me and the fiance since he took me to Paso on one of our first road-trips. We have had a lot of good times driving around exploring California and we knew we definitely wanted a “destination” wedding of sorts. Paso Robles is about 4 hours away from us, but it’s still counts as a destination wedding, right?

We are getting married at this winery that actually looks like a castle! It’s kinda crazy and I love it. wedding-information-045

So, this is where I’ve been this weekend. The fiance and I had to road-trip it up to Paso to walk through the place and sign paperwork. Sorry I was MIA, but I think it’s fairly obvious that things are crazy around here. I have a ton more to post about, more to come later :)


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