Jamba Juice Oatmeal Review

Here is my quick review of Jamba Juice's Oatmeal. We were in Paso Robles and I was freezing outside, but it was too loud to do it inside (with the whirling blenders and all). So, I may be shivering a little :) Also, I say the topping is cinnamon/sugar - that is not true. It is a brown sugar crumble. I said cinnamon since I always put cinnamon (and brown sugar) on my … [Read more...]

Lesson # 8 – Chafing, yep you heard me.

This is the reality of training for a marathon - CHAFING. It sucks people, but I am not here to lie to you. There will be chafing. Before training for a full mary I had ran 13 miles many times. I had experienced some irritation, but nothing really bothersome (I don't think it's necessary to get into the details, you're welcome). For some reason when I ran 15 miles for the … [Read more...]