Lesson # 8 – Chafing, yep you heard me.

This is the reality of training for a marathon – CHAFING. It sucks people, but I am not here to lie to you. There will be chafing.

Before training for a full mary I had ran 13 miles many times. I had experienced some irritation, but nothing really bothersome (I don’t think it’s necessary to get into the details, you’re welcome). For some reason when I ran 15 miles for the first time I had the worst chafing on my chest right where the top of my sports bra touches my skin. I didn’t even realize until I got back home and stepped into the shower. The second the hot water hit my chest I realized – my skin was completely raw! It stung and burned so bad! It was painful ;( Boo. I had a very red and inflamed rash for a few days afterwards too.

Lesson to keep – that sports bra is no good for long runs.

Don’t let this happen to you! Apply Body Glide or Vaseline at the first hint of chafing!


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  1. says

    do you think it’s normal or do we not wear the right sports bra? i have BAD chafing, I know what you mean about the water hitting your chest in the shower. have you tried the body glide?

  2. runeatrepeat says

    Tami – yeah I definitely think it depends on the sports bra. some are just better than others. I have body glide, but I haven’t used it that much.

  3. says

    ok girl I have done the same thing, but I ran 26.3 miles in the rain the whole time, and had no chafing!!!! Heres the secret rub your body down with vasoline it really works!!!!

  4. Lisa says

    I was getting chafing where my heart rate monitor would rub underneath my sports bra. I started putting deodorant on where the heart rate monitor was and it works!

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