Big Fat Wedding Dress

After trying on a lot of different dresses at many different stores I cannot find my dream dress. So, I am going to have my dress made. I am basically, putting my hopes and dreams in the hands of a random dressmaker. I am in southern California and there are a lot of wedding/quinceanera/prom dress shops nearby my house. I went into about 6 of them and asked questions and got a … [Read more...]

My Big Fat Speedy Wedding

So, I think I mentioned that we found a location for the wedding. Did I neglect to mention that we set a date? I am getting married in 5 months folks - June 20, 2009. Yes, that's a 2009. When I went dress shopping recently there was another girl looking for a dress for her June 2010 wedding. I am a year behind! I am extremely stressed out right now and I have about 283 things … [Read more...]

Lesson #6 – Hunger!!!

Training for a marathon makes you hungry. This is frustrating. You would think that running so much would mean the pounds are just melting off. Nope, you are burning a lot of calories with all those runs, but that means your body wants more fuel. Spending hours on your feet is very taxing on your body, proper recovery through good food is important. I was not that hungry the … [Read more...]