Marathon Lesson #5 – I got sick of running

About two thirds of the way through my marathon training I got sick of running. I love running –  if I didn’t I probably shouldn’t have signed up to run 26.2 miles! Anyways, I stopped loving running. I was not looking forward to my long runs anymore. They used to be an escape, a time for me to do nothing but run and think. But, when those runs started to get higher and higher in mileage I looked at them as a chore. Thing like, “This is bullshit” went through my head while running. I was really disappointed with this because I never wanted my hobby, running, to turn into anything negative. I don’t have any advice on how to get over this if it happens to you L More than anything I just had to deal with it and keep running.

Training for a marathon is not all fun – if it was, everyone would do it.


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    Yes, yes, and yes. So glad someone else said it. I experienced MAJOR burnout, and now that my marathon is over, and I am healing the foot I can’t wait to run again. Life’s funny, huh?

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