My old Nike ad

I have had this Nike ad since 2004 (I know because it’s dated on the bottom). I had it up in my room for years and took it down recently when I moved, but made sure to keep it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it before the marathon because I wanted to share this inspiration with all of you. I love this one. Sometimes when I am running I say it over and over to myself. It helps me keep going. I love it because I feel like it’s something I would say, or it was written about me. It’s an ad for the Nike Women’s Marathon in 2004 (benefiting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society)…


No one runs in my family.

I am not built like a runner.

My bones aren’t weightless.

My legs aren’t gazelle-like.

As a child, no one ever said,

“Now that one…she’s going

to be a runner.”

I am not a marathon runner.

But, I know that no one

is a marathon runner until

they actually run one.


I am not built like a runner. If I didn’t tell you, there is no way you would think I look like I run. I actually am reluctant to tell people I run for this exact reason. I don’t want them to look at me and think to themselves, “Why isn’t she thin if she runs so much?” I feel bad that all my hard work doesn’t result in a slim, “gazelle-like” runner’s body. Boo.

But, I finally feel like a runner. For some reason the marathon has given me the confidence and reassurance that I am a runner. I am so proud of myself. I am very surprised at what my body can accomplish. Right now I am about 15 pounds overweight (from where I like to be), but I ran a marathon. I appreciate my body and everything it does for me. I am so happy that I didn’t put off running the marathon until I reached my goal weight. I think it means that much more that I did it despite my weight. The reality is I will never look like a thin runner type, it’s just not how I’m built. But, I can still love my body and live my life however I want.


  1. says

    This post was very inspiring. You have a great outlook on life, and remember, healthy starts from the inside. I bet you are in much better shape than a lot of those girls with gazelle legs!

  2. Tracy Hays says

    Love this quote and your perspective! I want to become a runner, but at 50 lbs. overweight right now, I feel embarrassed to even try for fear people will think I look ridiculous (a fat girl trying to be a runner?)! Thanks for your inspiration!

  3. MJ Bollinger says

    Thank you for this post- I am just starting my journey.. and very soon my first blog to inspire others.. just like you did for me today! Thank you!!

  4. says

    Thank you for this. I definetly need them lately. Im constantly frustrated that I dont look like a runner despite my efforts. I will be running my first half marathon in 10 weeks! Thanks for the motivational words.

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