Back to business

Finally I am back in business. I took off all week from running after the marathon Sunday. Since my left foot was bothering me I wanted to make sure I didn't push it. The Zero Week Plan said I could run as much as 8 miles today, but I didn't for 2 reasons: - I didn't have time :( since I had to get to my class - My foot was bothering me :( I did run 6.5miles. It felt so … [Read more...]

Eat I 2/6/2009

I had to be at work super early today since I had volunteered for the Breakfast Club - where my co-worker and I bring breakie into work. I just did it because she wanted to and I didn't actually want to make anything so I bought a bunch of pan dulce and she brought fruit and juice. I ate half a piece of one and had a couple of bites later in the day - oops! For my real … [Read more...]