Rainy Run

It has been raining forever here!!!! At least it feels like forever, it has actually rained every day since Thursday. That is crazy for California. Luckily God was nice to me and stopped the rain for a bit so I could run this morning. I did about 5.3 miles, it was misting rain for a bit, but nothing serious. In even better news, my foot doesn't hurt :) I hope I'm all better, … [Read more...]

Eat I 2/9/2009

Eating breakfast at home is so much better than eating in my car. I am normally in such a rush to get to work lately I've been eating oatmeal in the car - not enjoyable. Today I had enough time to eat like a civilized person at the table. This is my normal combo - oats, naner, almond milk, cinnamon, brown sugar and PB. … [Read more...]

Eat II 2/8/2009

Around 4pm I got hungry for a snack. I couldn't decide between a Kashi bar since I wanted to try the pumpkin flavor or yogurt with goodies. I got around this by taking a bite of the Kashi bar and giving the rest to Ben :) and making yogurt for myself. W I hadn't given Ben a taste of my fabulous lunch salad so I re-created it for us to share with dinner. I also had a "veggie" … [Read more...]

Running Questions

Since training and running the full mary I have been getting a lot of questions about it. I apologize if you're emailed me and I am barely getting to your question, but I did want to answer everyone's questions via the blog so other curious readers could benefit too :) 1.  Q: How long have you been running? A: I have been running for about 5 or 6 years now. But for the most … [Read more...]

Eat I 2/8/2009

Happy Sunday :) I started the day with a bit of a change up in breakfast - eggs. I like eggs, but I lalalove cereal and oatmeal, so I really don't have them that often. Ben LOVES eggs, seriously. Every time he has them I always want to steal some so I just figured I'd make some of my own. I made an egg white scramble topped with a little cheddar cheese and ketchup and grapes on … [Read more...]