It is cold today! I am wearing footless tights under my pants and 3 layers on top and I'm still cold! I started my little day with a tempo run for about 45 minutes and a 5 minute walk to cool down (not that I needed to get any cooler).   Breakfast was my usual oats. I love this hot bowl of food when it's cold, but I know once it warms up here I am sooo not going to want … [Read more...]

Eat II 2/9/2009

I had a Reese's chocolate heart as part of my afternoon snack. It doesn't look like a heart that much though, but it tasted good :) I was signing my name on my Valentine's for work so I couldn't help but have one :) Look at this big pile tempting me! I better give these away asap so I don't eat any more. For my real snack I had blueberries and a baggie of cereal: Lunch did … [Read more...]