It started out so well…

I started out my day with a very healthy and happy run and breakfast :


Lunch was super good too. I discovered this lunch yesterday after a disappointing Lean Cuisine pizza lunch on Monday. I had a turkey sammie, apple, carrots and a Kashi bar. After this meal I am super satisfied. I calculated it out and it is just barely over my target lunch calories. It’s a keeper, but I’m wondering if I should swap out the Kashi bar for something that’s considered whole foods, like nuts and berries or something?

dscn57911Then, I got in trouble. I am out of control with snacking right now. I had my planned afternoon snack and then ate another heart Reese’s, a bunch of dried mango and some other random stuff. I know it’s stress based eating because I was not hungry at all even for my snack! That lunch really keeps me full. dscn5792This is a pic from dinner from last night, but I had the same thing again tonight. Baked tofu and roasted brussels with sweet potato. Amazing. I didn’t take a pic of my dinner tonight because I stopped taking pics when I couldn’t stop eating and didn’t want to keep taking pictures all night. dscn57871

I did a lot of damage after dinner too, but I am going to write in my journal with I think caused it and move on.


  1. Michelle says

    I am totally struggling with emotional eating lately! I am trying not to feel guilty after eating A TON of food…how do you get through it?!

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