What's the point?

Now that my training is over for the full marathon I kind of feel like, “What’s the point?” about my runs. I am not setting out on a run with a specific mileage goal. I’m basically just running to run. Most of the time that’s okay, but it is hard to make myself run when it’s so cold outside and I am not working toward a goal.

So, I am contemplating my next race. I always thought I would just run 1 marathon to accomplish it, but I am kinda thinking if I am ever going to do it again it should be now when my stamina is the best it’s probably ever going to be. What to do, what to do…

I have many options for the race in terms of month and location because there are a lot of races in California. So, my main decisions are what race and how far. All of the races I am looking at have half marathons and  full marathons. I just need to figure out how far I want to go! Ahhhh! I don’t know! I lalalove the half marathon distance and I do want to improve my half mary time, but I don’t think I am going to be running full marathons for all of my life – they are too taxing on your body and take too much time for weekend training.

I have a lot to consider. I will be back soon with my decision.

In other exciting news: Watching me run the marathon totally inspired my mom and she wants to run a 5K! Isn’t that so cute? I am getting her the Couch to 5K program (it’s on my training tab at top). I am so excited for her even though she doesn’t want to run it with me. She is trying to get the fiance to do it with her. I think she wants to run with another newbie and not me.


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