New running Gear and Contests

My running shirts are disgusting. Seriously, how can I put this without grossing you out?

I can’t. For some reason the armpit area of my workout clothes always turn yellow. Apparently I have acid sweat. It’s embarrassing. Also, sometimes in the summer I will Mystic Tan (in the spray booth) and I sweat it out on my runs. This leaves gross orange-y stains on the chest/back and stomach areas of my shirts.

I’ve picked up on the fact that my mom and Ben think these clothes are disgusting so I bought myself a few new shirts to run in. I’m pretty excited about them.

I usually shop at Marshall’s/Ross/TJ Max or Target for exercise gear and have always been happy with it. dscn5809 New running Gear and ContestsAfternoon snackage was yogurt with granola, cereal and raisins. It was good, but I went back 2 times to add more cereal. I have a problem.dscn5805 New running Gear and ContestsAfter multiple servings of cereal this afternoon I wasn’t too hungry for lunch. I made a big salad with full fat Ranch because it looked really good.dscn5807 New running Gear and ContestsAnd heated up the last of my veggie corn dogs. When I got to Ben’s I had a couple of the ravioli’s he was eating – but at least I didn’t have any sweets. dscn5808 New running Gear and Contests

So Many Contests!!!!

What I Ate Yesterday & The Hungry Yogini both have a great contest going on right now for Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce icon smile New running Gear and Contests

Mara at What’s for Dinnerhas one too! It’s for her 100th-ish post icon smile New running Gear and Contests

Oh, and my SoCal peep – In Her Shoes has one too!


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