The good, bad and ugly Weekend Eats

Sorry I have been MIA. I was in Big Bear, CA this weekend. We actually were going up to Big Bear (BB) on Friday night and had to turn around because there was an accident and the traffic was delayed 4 hours! Boo. So, we went back home thinking the trip was cancelled until I called my mom on Saturday morning and she said we should just go for it! It only took 2 hours to get … [Read more...]

Happy Valentine's Day!

So, the surprise for Ben was a singing telegram in the form of a Gorilla! Ha. I thought he would think it was hysterical, but he just ended up looking embarrassed and annoyed. Boo. I honestly thought he would be laughing and dancing around with him. Oh well, I tried. Now he says he is going to get me back next year. Great. I actually got the idea because he bought a gorilla … [Read more...]