Melting 2x

It was raining AGAIN this morning when I woke up, but I was determined to not let that stop me. Actually by the time I went out to run it stopped and didn’t start up again until I was less than a half mile from home icon smile Melting 2x I think people around my neighborhood think I’m crazy for running in the rain. Luckily, I’m not made of sugar (even though I eat so much of it) so I didn’t melt.

The PB in my oats this morning did seem to melt though! For some reason my standard breakfast of oats/naner/AM/brown sugar and PB – (with added wheat berries) was super watery. The oats couldn’t hold up the PB so it melted right in.dscn5870 Melting 2x

Run: I am trying to get more out of my runs so I don’t feel bored, and hopefully a change in approach will motivate me. So, this morning I did some speedwork. I did a mile warm-up and 4 or 5 800 meter repeats. Those suckers are hard!

I found a marathon training plan online from the Boston Athletic Association and was going to give it a whirl, but I think it is a little too advanced for me and I don’t want to get discouraged or burnt out either. So, the search for a new plan continues.


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    have you looked at the plans on ? what about Hal Higdon’s intermediate plans? (i’m not sure what plan you used initially.)

    also, i had great success with Pete Pfitzinger’s book Advanced Marathoning. it helped me PR in the marathon by 20+ minutes, BQ, and also drop my half-marathon time by 8 minutes. just a suggestion. you could probably find the book on for a relatively low price, and the plans are pretty straight forward and easy to follow.

    good luck! what race are you thinking about doing?

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