Wedding Dress Deal

dscn5891Saks Fifth Avenue’s Bridal Salon in South Coast Plaza is closing. All they have left are floor samples in sizes 8 & 10. They are selling the dresses for amazing prices – between 50 and 70% off! If you are in the area and around those sizes you should check it out! I went and tried on a few, but didn’t find anything I am in love with :( I was hoping to score a great deal on my dream dress.

Also – I may or maynot have gotten a chocolate drink from Godiva on my way out… it was like drinking a dark chocolate candy bar. Luckily I was able share half of it with Ben. (Then he insisted on pizza for dinner – he is no help to my cause!)dscn5892


  1. says

    You should check out! They have TONS of dresses for a fraction of the cost. It helps if you have an idea of a dress you love, regardless of cost, then they send you quotes. Drop me an email if you have questions!! My dress was all of $300 and its FABULOUS!

  2. says

    Oh wow that would have been awesome if you found your dream dress there! What a great sale.
    Too bad I’m not even engaged yet, no dress shopping for me, although I spend a lot of time dreaming of what my perfect dress looks like.

  3. Sarah says

    bummer about not finding your dream dress, what a deal going on at, but im sure in this economy you can find a great price on the gown that you love!

  4. Goldie says

    shame about the dresses. can we have a fashion parade… try some on so we can see!?

    I can understand wanting to find the perfect dress though. I hope you find the dream one.

    CHOCOLATE! *droooooooooooooooool*

    best of luck on your search.

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