Day 2 – More lessons

On Day 2 of my personal challenge I learned even more, like: 1. Stop fucking eating chocolate after lunch 2. Don't eat paper ( more on that to come) I started the day with my OG oatmeal. I just love this breakfast and it keeps me super full for a long time, if it ain't broke right? I had fruit after lunch, but the pic is MIA. Lunch was a BIG salad with greens, sweet … [Read more...]

Wedding Shows

I'm watching Who's Wedding Is It Anyway? right now. I love it :)  I also love Say Yes To The Dress (but don't get to watch it that often because my home TV doesn't get that channel) What's your favorite wedding show??? I AM GETTING MARRIED IN 4 MONTHS! I have soooo much to do for the wedding, it's very overwhelming! This weekend I am going to make a decision on bridesmaid … [Read more...]

Day 2

Day 2 tips - Write it down, basically make a food journal to keep track of what you're eating. This is really hard for me to do because it just reminds me of my super restriction days and I can't help but rebel and want to act out threw a binge. I may give it a whirl, but I'm not sure. Day 2 Plan - B: oatmeal w/ naner S: fruit L: grilled cheese sammie on ww BIG salad S: … [Read more...]