Bridal Fashion Show!!!

After many requests for a sneak peek of wedding dresses I've decided to go for it and share a few of the dresses I've tried on! I have made Ben promise that he will not look at the site so he won't see me. I don't plan on getting any of these dresses, but you never know if there is a disaster with my dress and I have to quickly buy off the rack or something! At this point I … [Read more...]

To run or not to run…

After 11 miles on Saturday morning I was soooo hungry - I got used to eating before my long runs and was super hungry and thirsty by mile 8! I have a usual water fountain I stop at if I don't have my fuel belt and it was broken :( I need a better fuel belt since I don't like the one I have now. Next Race : I was considering running another full marathon in May. I am on the … [Read more...]