Bridal Fashion Show!!!

After many requests for a sneak peek of wedding dresses I’ve decided to go for it and share a few of the dresses I’ve tried on! I have made Ben promise that he will not look at the site so he won’t see me. I don’t plan on getting any of these dresses, but you never know if there is a disaster with my dress and I have to quickly buy off the rack or something!

At this point I have been to about 7 dress shops – these are some random picks from the ones I’ve tried on. I was willing to try any style on at first because I didn’t want to rule anything out until I tried it.


A ballerina style ball gown with a halter neckline:dscn5390

Strapless ball gown – it was super pretty in person:dscn5386

Mermaid style with halter neckline:foodies-1431


Strapless ballgown :dscn5945

and the back: dscn59422

Me being silly:dscn5937


I think I have my mind made up about the dress. My next project is bridesmaid dresses!

Q:Does anyone have good tips on finding cute & inexpensive bridesmaid dresses?


  1. says

    if you don’t mind them all having different dresses try and find some dresses that are all the same color/shade.

    my friend got married and some how she found 4 of the same dresses from people that she know (or friends of friends()

    sometimes large stores like macy’s has some nice dresses on sale (david’s bridal is fine for cheaper dresses as well) but it’s the same old same old

  2. runeatrepeat says

    Lacey – I am thinking I like some kind of strap or halter instead of strapless, but that’s just because I think most dresses are strapless and I want to change it up a bit.

    Sarah – my thoughts exactly :)

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