To run or not to run…

After 11 miles on Saturday morning I was soooo hungry – I got used to eating before my long runs and was super hungry and thirsty by mile 8! I have a usual water fountain I stop at if I don’t have my fuel belt and it was broken :( I need a better fuel belt since I don’t like the one I have now.

Next Race : I was considering running another full marathon in May. I am on the fence about it for few reasons:

1. 2 of my toenails (not including my already blue one!) are no longer going to be with us soon from my first mary Feb. 1st. I don’t want to mess up my toe nails right before the wedding in June.

2. Training on the weekends takes up a lot of time & I have a wedding to plan!

3. I kinda want to focus on making my half marathon time better.

4. I’m trying to lose weight and it is hard to cut back on food when you’re running so much.

Hmmm, my decision will be made this week.

Anyways, since the kitchen is still out of commission breakfast was a big bowl of cereal with almonds, raisins and choc chips from my Kashi Trail mix…dscn5928

Later I snacked on more Kashi trail mixdscn5931

and fruit.dscn5930

I met my BFF (who lives in Palm Springs) at a mall for some wedding dress shopping and girl time. First thing we did when we met was eat! I was hungry. I had mahi-mahi with rice and veggies from some random mall food court place.dscn5933

Ben and I went out for Mexican food & since it was Saturday I decided to live it up and order a margydscn59571

and chips w/ salsadscn5951

I ordered a fish burrito on ww tortilla – I love their wet burritos!


Plus I got to get Yogurt Land since it was my “Sweets on Saturdays” day where I can have the dessert of my choice :)dscn5961 I got crazy with the toppings!!!


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    A very, very belated congrats on the marathon!!

    I’m right there with you on training for another one- my toenails are JUST starting to grow back (gross) and I definitely ate a lot more when training for the full. But if you’re already used to running the distance, it’s hard to pass up the opportunity to do another one… ahh, decisions!

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