FAT Tuesday!

Happy Fat Tuesday! I am excited because I have a co-worker/friend from New Orleans (she came out to CA after Katrina) and she ordered King Cake from a local bakery for everyone in the office. I have never tried it and didn't even know about it until last year when NPR did a story on it :) Here's what Wiki says about it: A king cake (sometimes rendered as kingcake, kings' cake, … [Read more...]

When it rains

Did I tell you guys I got a ticket at the Surf City Race expo last month? It is for 42 freakin' dollars! On top of that I have some medical bills that are adding up! Hello, I have a wedding to pay for. When it rains it pours! It just feels like I am hemorrhaging  money right now! Grrr. Here are my eats from Monday. I didn't look at my 21 day challenge to plan out my day and it … [Read more...]