When it rains

Did I tell you guys I got a ticket at the Surf City Race expo last month? It is for 42 freakin’ dollars! On top of that I have some medical bills that are adding up! Hello, I have a wedding to pay for. When it rains it pours! It just feels like I am hemorrhaging  money right now! dscn6029dscn60271dscn6026dscn6030Grrr. Here are my eats from Monday. I didn’t look at my 21 day challenge to plan out my day and it ended bad :( I don’t want to be super controlling of my day, but at the same time I have learned from last week that planning my meals does help when I go to the store (& saves money!) and helps when I get home after a long day. By the way, the Lean Cuisine Mac n’ Cheese is super gross and I was hungry 10 minutes later & for the rest of the afternoon – hence eating 2 Kashi roll bars yesterday (only 1 is pictured)! There are other random snacks that are missing too. From now on nothing goes in my mouth without a pic so help me…



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