Cooking 101

Cooking 101:

Lesson for today – Don’t forget that you put something in the broiler.

Happy Thursday :) I didn’t feel like running again today!? But this day just called for an easy 4miles and I was glad I did it.

Before I ran I had a few handfuls of Shredded Oatsdscn6074

Breakfast was same-odscn6077

Mid-morning colorfulnessdscn6080

Lunch – This is where the burning happened…dscn60821

dscn60831While I was putting it together I mindlessly ate a serving of these suckers – my  mom bought them and they’re addictive!

I had this soup from TJ’s. There is no point in having low sodium soup when you have to add salt to make it taste good!


Here is my super burnt english muffin with cheesedscn60851

Hey, it’s not that burnt – see the bottom!



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