"That's a good workout"

Today is a new day! I woke up and did 5.9 miles, during the run I ran up and down the 1 hill in my area 4 times. A guy walking up the hill to work said, "That's a good work-out." It made me feel very proud of myself! I run as much as my chubby little Mexican legs can take me. This morning when that guy told me that I thought to myself..."This is ridiculous, I bust my ass … [Read more...]

No comment.

That is my thought on tonight's eats. I came home and snacked and snacked and snacked while making dinner. By the time dinner was ready I wasn't even hungry anymore. I ate some of it and went for a walk. Now I'm eating ice cream and making myself blog for accountability and honesty. I don't need any encouragement, I just need to get it together. I am truly convinced that if I … [Read more...]

Hummus – the new dressing

It's still Monday... and I'm still at work. I'm sad when I think about all you east coasters out there that are already home :( But, I am barely getting to work when you are all eating lunch! Lunch : great salad topped with hummus. I love using hummus as dressing, but this one (I found at WF's yesterday) is a little to thick and grainy to be able to mix well. Barney Butter … [Read more...]

Barney Butter – 4 ways

So, I finally broke down and bought some of the infamous Barney Butter. I had resisted for months now despite the raves around the blog world. Ben wanted to go the Borders and there is a Whole Foods nearby, so I had a lot of time to just walk around and see all the very expensive and delicious goodies I shouldn't buy. A jar of this stuff is $9.00! That is ridiculous. But, I had … [Read more...]

Thanks to Quaker, I'm a boxer

I went to yoga first thing this morning :) It was the Power Vinyasa Flow class and I had never done it before, so I was a little scared. Luckily, I did okay and enjoyed myself. Before I left I had a big bowl of oats I received my great robe/slippers/granola bar pack from the great oats company - Quaker. The robe has a hood and it made me feel like a boxer. I wanted to show … [Read more...]

Come fly with me…

I was terrified when I first saw the plane we would be flying in to Santa Barbara. It was tiny!  Ben is still studying for his license so the instructor was with us (thank God!). The views were amazing! I know I'm partial, but Southern California is so beautiful - I love it. I had to wear headphones to be able to hear what they were saying. There were no in-flight … [Read more...]

All the stars aligned…

All the stars aligned this morning and I finally had a great run! I am so happy because I felt very beaten down from a week of bad runs. I guess it happens. I have said in the past that all the stars have to align in order for me to have a good run since I'm not "made" to be a runner. So, I need the perfect weather, rest, fuel, shoes, etc - in order for me to do just okay! 15 … [Read more...]

Dinner and a movie

This is Friday night's dinner & a movie & dessert... I threw together this - Chicken-less strips!   and this with  some TJ"s peanut sauce and spinach... to make this - Plus some CA rolls on the side. Oh, and a cocktail with my squiggly straw, cause I'm classy. We saw I Love You Man, it was funny :) That's my review. I really wanted dessert after, so we walked … [Read more...]

Guinness Book of World Records Salad

I forgot to tell you that Friday is my weekly weigh in day (or did I?). I am the same as last week, which is okay since I didn't really make any effort this week to cut back on things. It's a struggle with trying to lose weight, but also focusing on intuitive eating, you know? I'm hoping next Friday shows a loss! Yoga was great :) It wasn't too difficult at all except for the … [Read more...]

With a cherry on top

Since Fridays are rest days from running I was in no rush to get up this morning. I think I took too long though, because I took a quick walk to the store to get milk and on the way back I was starving! I wanted milk to have cereal for breakfast, but I knew I needed something more filling, so I ended up making oatmeal. This is Ben's oatmeal, mine always look the same and I … [Read more...]

Loafing around

Since we had a big ol' pot of lentils I decided we needed to make something lentil-centric. I got inspiration from Giada, but ended up doing my own thing.   Lentil Loaf I mixed : 2 cups lentils (cooked) 1 cup brown rice (cooked) 1 cup spinach (cooked) Big handful shredded cheese (whatever you like) 2 eggs 1/2 can diced tomatoes salt/pepper/garlic/season salt This is … [Read more...]

2 weeks notice

Today I wanted to quit running. I wasn't even going to give it 2 weeks notice, I just wanted to quit. For some reason my legs felt like lead today. There is no explanation for it - I got enough sleep, I ate well last night...I have been missing my 30 minute after run window to eat, maybe that's it? I dunno, I just had a "lead legs" run. Boo. I made myself finish 5 miles and … [Read more...]

Quaker Contest Winner…

The envelope please...and the winner is Emily from Essential E. My fav bars are the Cherry Pie Lara Bars- Delicious! -e Congrat's and please email me your address :) *I used Random.org Too everyone else - There is another contest coming soon too - so stay tuned!   My afternoon snack was Kashi trail mix Plus a few extra handfuls of Kashi! When I got home I had a handful of … [Read more...]

Win, Eat, Repeat

There are a lot of blog contests going on right now (including mine that is just wrapping up!)... Healing with Juicesis holding a contest to give away : Ani's Raw Food Kitchen. She says the recipes are "to die for", but they're probably really "to live for" since I don't know if there's raw food in Heaven... The Hungry Yogini is giving away the infamous Barney … [Read more...]

The hills are alive

I always run on completely flat routes, so hills really kill me. I know I should start incorporating some kind of hill running in my training though. I ran up and down a near by hill 2 times and I was dead by the end of it. For the entire rest of my 5.5mile run I wanted to take a walk break. That's tragic. For some reason my breakfast pic is MIA - it was Swiss Oats - oatmeal … [Read more...]

Recipe Test

When I got home my mom once again had delicious looking food on the stove. I took a big bite of a flauta and then realized I needed to make my own dinner instead of munching on this and then still eating my dinner like I often do.  I started with a plate of crisps and sweet peppers with unpictured guacamole. Oh, and a big piece of baked tofu. I use the firm tofu & bake it … [Read more...]